Common Questions About Security Window Screens

A security window screen is a perforated wire cloth framed in steel or aluminum. It is placed inside or outside a window in order to provide protection to the windows onto which it has been attached. This article discusses some common questions that people have about security screens from companies like Bonds Security Products.

Won't My Home Look Like a Prison?

No, it won't. Security screens can easily blend into the façade of your home. This is because they can be painted black like any other cloth window covering. The security screen would therefore look no different from any other window covering, such as blackout blinds.

Why Should I Choose Security Screens Over Other Products Like Bulletproof Glass?

Security screens for windows have many advantages over other products (such as bulletproof glass). For instance, security screens are versatile in their functions. An example of this versatility is that they can prevent insects from getting into your home when you open the windows to let fresh air in. Bulletproof glass cannot give you that functionality. Security screens also prevent accidental falls through windows. For instance, a child may accidentally lean against an open window in an upstairs bedroom and fall out. A security screen will prevent that from happening because it acts as a barrier between the window and anyone inside the home. Bulletproof glass does not offer this kind of fall protection.

Can't Security Screens Hinder Exit During an Emergency?

Security screens for windows are equipped with emergency release mechanisms. These differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The emergency opener can quickly be used to get the security screen out of the way in case of an emergency (such as a fire outbreak).

How Secure Is It If It Has No Bars?

Security screens are deceptively simple in construction yet they are very robust in resisting any impact or tearing action (by knives, for example). This is because they are made from very high quality materials (such as marine grade stainless steel). The products are subjected to extensive tests. Therefore, you can be sure that the security screens you install (from your trusted supplier) will serve their purpose in your home.

You may have many more questions about security screens. The best approach to have those queries addressed is to contact a security screen supplier near you so that he or she gives you the answers that you seek. Only then will you feel confident enough to make a decision regarding whether to install these screens in your windows, or not.