How To Upgrade Your Home Security

Once you purchase or build a home, your immediate concern could be how to upgrade the security system. After all, you would want to keep your family and belongings safe. Below is a comprehensive extract with some tips on how to improve your home security

Install CCTV Cameras 

CCTV cameras record what happens in your home when you are away. Therefore, they help deter burglars who might be plotting to break into your home. When purchasing the CCTV system, prioritise the functionality of the cameras instead of their pricing. For instance, outdoor cameras should have weatherproof housing to prevent rain and storm damage. Consider IP cameras since they enable you to stream feed when you are away. You should also ensure the system has sufficient storage. For instance, expandable cloud storage allows you to store as much footage as you need.  

Secure the Doors and Windows

Burglars access your home through the doors and windows. Therefore, you should retrofit these areas to make them impenetrable. For instance, you could use high-quality security doors. These doors are stress-tested to ensure that they are bugler and fire-resistant. Moreover, the door should have high-quality security locks. If possible, integrate a restricted access system to alert you when someone tries to break in. There are several ways to make your windows burglar-proof. For instance, you could install a grill to prevent access even if the burglar breaks the glass. Alternatively, you could use polycarbonate. The material can withstand massive impact without breaking. Furthermore, you could install glass break sensors that activate the alarm if someone breaks a window. 

Examine the Perimeter

Malicious individuals and stray animals could access your property when you are away. The best way to prevent this is by having a secure perimeter. For instance, you could install a brick, steel, or chain link fence. If possible, integrate a razor or electric fence to keep away people who might want to climb over the fence. 

Consider Monitored Alarms 

Alarms warn you or the neighbours that someone has tried to break into your home. However, you do not have the skills needed to deal with burglars. Therefore, you often need to contact the police to respond. In some cases, you might not have your phone with you. Furthermore, in a state of panic, you are likely to go hiding to evade harm. A monitored alarm alerts your security company once the alarm goes off. The company deploys a team to respond to the situation within minutes. This way, the burglars do not have time to steal or harm you.