What You Need to Know When Choosing Security Screens for Your Home

Security screens are meant to keep your home's windows protected and add an extra layer of security against someone coming into your home through a window. These screens can allow you to open windows while in the home and not worry about an intruder, or keep someone from simply prying open a lightweight screen and tossing a rock through the window to break in at night. When shopping for security screens for your home, you might note that you have a wide range of options from which to choose, and this can make the process a bit overwhelming. Note a few factors to consider so you're sure to get the screens you need for your house.

Piano hinges

Piano hinges refer to hinges that are put on the side of the security screens and which allow them to open so far that they're flat against your home. This is unlike standard hinges, which just allow the screens to fold out and then stop when they're at a ninety-degree angle from the home, causing them to jut out from the windows. If you want to open the screens to work on the windows, clean the windows, or just get them out of the way on sunny days when you want maximum sunlight in the house, piano hinges are a better choice.

Hurricane screens

Note that there is a difference between security screens and hurricane screens. Typically hurricane screens will not have the strong, heavy-duty locks you find with security screens. Hurricane screens are made of strong aluminum or steel, with a very small mesh design, but they are meant to keep the windows protected from flying debris during a hurricane or storm. They also reduce the risk of the windows shattering in the wind. They are not necessarily meant to protect your home from intruders. Security screens may also provide this protection during a storm but they close and lock securely, usually with a keyed lock and not just a latch. Be sure you understand these differences when choosing screens.

Mesh size

Security screens will come with different sizes of mesh, just like regular screens. This mesh will be made of tough metal or fiberglass that is difficult to cut no matter the size, but note if you need screens to keep out insects, dust, and the like. You might opt for a smaller mesh, even if it's more expensive, for this added comfort when you have your interior windows open.