Choosing the Best Features for a Home Security System

A security system for the home is very common these days, as it's a good way to scare off potential intruders and to monitor your home and property while you're away. Security systems don't need to be complicated, but they can include zone monitoring, timers connected to a variety of home features including drapes and televisions, keyless entry, and a number of other features you might prefer. Before you decide on the type of alarm that will work for your home, note a few features to keep in mind when it comes to your choices for alarm systems so you can determine the best choice for your overall needs.

Hybrid systems

At one time, alarms were only hardwired, meaning that they used actual wires to send signals from cameras or sensors to a monitor, alarm control panel, and elsewhere. This made is somewhat easy to disable the alarm, as you could simply cut those wires and disable the camera, motion detector, siren, and other such device. Today's systems may be wireless, sending those signals through the air, much like TV signals get sent through the air to a receiver. However, damaging that receiver can also interrupt the alarm system.

A hybrid system works with both types of receivers, hardwired and wireless. This allows one or the other to be a backup; if wires are cut or a receiver is damaged, the other system will "kick in" and the alarm and monitoring system will still work. This can be the best investment if you need maximum security against intruders who may know how to tamper with the alarm system.

Beyond standard alarms

Today's systems can go beyond offering a simple alarm or siren; for example, some systems may note smoke or rising heat that could indicate a fire, and will sound an alarm, flash lights in a pattern that will help children follow them to a designated exit, shut down the home's heating and air conditioning so it doesn't push smoke into the home or added air to feed the fire, and also alert emergency services. Some burglar alarms will not only sound the alarm itself, but will also turn on all the lights in the home so a potential intruder is easier to see or may get scared off, and also use amplified, computerised voices to note that police have been called. These systems can greatly enhance your home's overall safety, versus standard alarms that only sound a siren or other such alert.