Why You May Want to Use CCTV Inside Your Home

When you're considering CCTV for a residential property, you're probably focusing on the areas outside your home. However, there are some cases where CCTV can prove useful on the inside too. Common Entryways If you live in an apartment, it's wise to add CCTV to the common entryways you share with your neighbours. With increased traffic through the door that gives access to your block comes an increased risk that an intruder could sneak in.

Why Is Fitting a Security Screen Door a Good Idea?

There can be little doubt that fitting a security screen door to the entrance of your home or business premises is a smart move. Firstly, modern security screen doors look stylish. In the past, they were extremely functional in their appearance which put many people off them. However, you can find some great looking products these days which will add to the visual appeal of your property as well as safeguarding it from unwarranted entry.