Choosing the Best Features for a Home Security System

A security system for the home is very common these days, as it's a good way to scare off potential intruders and to monitor your home and property while you're away. Security systems don't need to be complicated, but they can include zone monitoring, timers connected to a variety of home features including drapes and televisions, keyless entry, and a number of other features you might prefer. Before you decide on the type of alarm that will work for your home, note a few features to keep in mind when it comes to your choices for alarm systems so you can determine the best choice for your overall needs.

Beat the Heat and the Thief: What Security Screen Doors Can Do for Your Home

While nobody likes to think about the prospect of having a security breach in their home, it's the kind of problem you should seek to address before it happens - not after the fact.  There are plenty of cost-effective ways to help prevent burglaries, robberies and home invasions of any kind; just one of these methods is to have security screen doors fitted to your house.  But how effective is this as a solution, and what are the implications for your home?